Frequently Asked Questions


When should I contact my Union/Floor Rep?

  • Any issues with job postings or the process
  • Issues with your workload
  • Health and Safety concerns
  • Injuries (new or repetitive overuse injuries)
  • WSIB claims
  • Issues with code of conduct
  • Contract questions
  • Scheduling issues
  • When something just does not feel right

Who are our President and Vice President?

  • Michelle Beaudry (President)
  • Christine Spence (Vice President)

Who are our current ONA – P Floor Reps?

When will our first Collective Agreement be obtained?

  • Our Negotiating team is in ongoing talks with HSN.
  • We are now looking at late summer/early fall 2018.

Who do I contact if I  think I am going into an investigation meeting or discipline meeting?

Who do I contact if I have a return to work, WSIB or sick time issue?  This includes coming back to work after a Short Term Sick leave or Long-term sick leave.

I submitted a claim for a WSIB injury and it was denied.  What do I do?

Who do I contact if I simply want to talk with my manager and would like representation?

  • If you feel uncomfortable speaking with your manager alone, you can contact one of our reps, however you do not always require representation.
  • Click here for the full list of our current floor reps.
  • If you think it is a disciplinary meeting, please contact Michelle Beaudry or Christine Spence until we have an official executive in place.

Who do I contact if I have a Health and Safety issue?

Until we have an official executive in place, you can contact the following people for Health and Safety issues:

  • Eric Souliere
  • Michelle Beaudry
  • Christine Spence

Who do I contact if I have a workload issue?

Until we have an official executive in place, you can contact the following people for workload issues:

  • Shane Taylor
  • Michelle Beaudry

If I am a former OPSEU member, do I still follow my OPSEU Collective Agreement?

  •  Yes.  All former OPSEU members continue to follow their OPSEU Collective Agreement until we negotiate and finalize an ONA. Paramedical First Collective Agreement.
  • Contact us!  We are here to help and answer your questions.

If I am part of the previous non-union or ONA group do I have any rights at this time even though I do not have a Collective agreement?

  • All non union / previous ONA Allied group have their terms and conditions frozen.
  • You do have layoff and job posting rights under the Transition Agreement.
  • We are also involved with all Return to Work, WSIB and Accommodation scenarios.
  • Contact us!  We are here to help and answer your questions.

When will we have Elections for all the different positions?

  • Once the Collective Agreement is achieved, formal elections will take place for the various executive positions/committee members.

How can I get involved with the Union?

  • Contact anyone on the provided contact list. We will gladly welcome and train anyone interested in helping us make our work environment a better workplace and allow us to provide the quality care our patients and family deserve.

If I have not signed a membership card yet, how do I do that?

  • You can contact any of the ONA Reps indicated on our contact list and they will direct you to where you can obtain a card to sign.
  • Christine Spence is currently looking after having all of the cards signed
  • Contact:

Why should I sign a card?

  • Signing a card makes you a bonafied member.
  • Membership entitlement include:
  • Attendance at various ONA union meetings
  • Running or voting in an ONA election
  • A permanent ONA membership card and number
  • General ONA mailings and publications, such as Front Lines, our flagship membership magazine
  • Eligibility for various ONA scholarships and bursaries
  • Access to the ONA member discounts

Do I have to provide my SIN number?  And why?

I just moved or got married.  How can I update my contact information?

Members can provide updates through:

  • The main ONA website: From the home page there is a list of “Quick Links” on the right side. If you select “Update your contact info” it will bring up a form where you can change your name/address or job information.
  • By calling the Dues and Membership Services Team Intake line- Toll Free 1-800-387-5580 extension 2200.

Workload Forms

What is a workload form and why they are so important to complete?

  • They are a way to document, report and address issues that affect your day-to-day work life and may have an impact on your licence to practice.  It also provides a paper trail proving that you have identified an issue, which holds the employer more accountable.
  • Examples of when to complete these forms:  Working short staffed, not having enough time to work with patients, being put into situation without proper training, etc…
  • Click here for a copy of a workload form

***Workload forms at this time are only available for previous OPSEU members.  If you are a previous ONA member or non-union member, see questions below.

Who should we submit completed workload forms to?

  • Complete the form and send a provide a copy to:
  • Manager
  • Our Professional Practice Representative – Shane Taylor

I am not a previous OPSEU member.  I am having workload and/or professional practice issues.  What can I do?

  • If you are having issues with your workload or you feel you are not meeting your professional responsibilities because of work constraints, send a detailed email to your manager outlining the issue (time, date, witnesses etc…) and make sure to CC the union.  This is another secure way to start a paper trail and get the conversation started with your manager.

When should I complete a workload form and how to submit it?

  •  Complete the form and send a provide a copy to:
  • Manager
  • Our Professional Practice Representative – Shane Taylor

Hazard Forms

What form can I fill out if I want to identify an Occupational Health and Safety Hazard at HSN?

  • You can complete the paper form or you complete the online form, which can be found on the hub.  Click here to access the HSN instructions
  • Hazard Identification Form  – Click Here
  • Make sure your manager completes their copy
  • Make sure to keep your own copy and forward a copy to the Union.  Please make sure to notify us in order for us to hold the employer accountable.
  • Contact Eric Souliere if you have any questions.

Do we have liability insurance with ONA?

  • Yes ONA provides secondary liability insurance that is used in addition to your employer’s liability insurance.  It is 1.5 million up to a lifetime maximum of 6-million

Do I require additional insurance?

  • That depends on your professional body/College.  We strongly suggest you call and inform yourself.
  •  All College Standards are different for each profession

Do I have insurance with the hospital?

  • Yes 15 million /person
  • However we still suggest you make sure that this meets your College standards, if applicable.